October 31, 2011 | Posted In Restaurants, Stores
whole foods market in shadyside oakland near Mansions suites hotel

Whole Foods

is a half mile away! (get directions)

Signature Suites¬†prides itself on catering to the longer term guest. One of the key feature of the suites are our full kitchens. When living in a new area the first thing you need to do is secure a source of quality food. Whole Foods is at the top of the list of places where you can be assured of getting high quality items and fresh fruit. The store is located in the new East Side shopping area which opened three years ago. For those of you who can’t find your way around a kitchen the store features a large prepared foods section which can be eaten in their lounge area or taken home. Even though items are generally on the pricey side, Whole Foods has a proven track record of using organic items and keeping you on a healthy path.For store hours or more information please vista their website.