October 13, 2011 | Posted In Restaurants
The Walnut Grill's tasteful interior

Walnut Grill

is less than 150 feet from here! (get directions)
The Walnut Grill is a classy yet comfortable American restaurant, situated on the second floor at the corner of Walnut Street and Bellefonte. The Walnut Grill shares an entrance on Bellefonte with Shady Grove, its sister bar and cafe. If you see an opportunity, request the window corner seat for a rare elevated view of Walnut Street’s boutique shoppers. The staff is attentive and the presentation on each table is neat: white linens and zig-zagging metalwork lights overhead. The decor is similarly metallic, with several eye-engaging pieces waiting patiently by the walls. The menu itself is fresh and stable– I had the walnut-crusted salmon months ago and was delighted to see it again this week (with seasonal sides). At $19, it’s hardly wallet-crushing for such a fine fish. If you’ve got a group (and they’re glad to accommodate), I’d strongly recommend the spinach artichoke dip. I’ve heard the phrase “devastatingly tasty” bandied about, but there’s no dilution when I apply it here. The seating area has been orchestrated to mute any sonic spillage from Shady Grove and the second floor lounge, but if you dine here late on a Friday evening, be ready for hints of adventure in the background. For the corporate guest too busy for a full dining experience, they also offer takeout in sturdy tote bags. Less than a quarter mile from several Signature Suites, the Walnut Grill is a pleasing and well-priced option for fine dining.