August 30, 2011 | Posted In Entertainment
Shadyside Art Festival 2011 photo courtesy of Howard Alan Events

Shadyside Art Festival 2011

is only two blocks from this event!
The Shadyside Art Festival on Walnut is a widely-anticipated annual art festival that fills Walnut Street end-to-end with white booths every August.  The tents overflow with bright paintings, metalcraft wonders, woodwork animals, blown-glass figures, complex jewelery, and proud artists.    In its fourteenth year, the art festival is professionally juried to ensure that participants are both distinctive and high-quality.  Every piece you see is on sale, from $10 copper dragonflies to thousand-dollar ceramics.  A mix of food stands supplement the existing blend of restaurants and cafes along Walnut: shish kebab, arepas, and hot dogs are reliable regulars.  A few musicians pepper the crowd—there’s a violinist styled as a music box marionette this time—but most of the attention is on the material art.  The organizers of the festival require that every artist is available for the entire festival, and you can normally find them perched on director’s stools or moving among their works, happy to answer questions or elaborate on a particular piece.  The festival also tends to bring out sales from the dozens of stores lining Walnut Street, though the local vendors have their own Shadyside Sidewalk Sale in July each year.  Aside from the tremendous temptation to take home some art of your own, admission is free!