February 28, 2012 | Posted In Stores

Schiller’s Pharmacy

is two blocks away (get directions)

In a world dominated by big chain pharmacies and cookie cutter customer service Schiller’s Pharmacy stand out. Since 1903 Schiller’s has been servicing the Shadyside area with unique upscale products and personalized customer service that chain stores cannot match. The Pharmacists are some of the best trained and knowledgable in the area. This is the kind of place where they remember who you are, and know off the top of their head what perscriptions you are taking. In addition to fulling your prescriptions, Schiller’s stocks a wide array of exclusive high end beauty products and fragrances. Don’t have time to fill and pickup your order? No problem. Schiller’s is the only place that offers delivery service. If you are staying at Signature Suites¬†your order can be delivered to our front desk and we will gladly see that it arrives in your suite for you. Stop in at their location on the corner of S. Aiken and Walnut Street and have a look for yourself.Visit their website for more information.