November 5, 2011 | Posted In Stores

Lululemon Athletica

is 2 blocks away! (get directions)

Part of settling in to your new home at Signature Suites is getting yourself comfy. Maybe you forgot your favorite “hang around the suite clothes” or maybe you want to hit the gym on Walnut Street in style. Lululemon has become the fast rising phenom from Canada that has swept through North America with its stylish clothing and its Yoga Zen culture. A few weeks ago they opened a brand new location in Shadyside on Walnut Street, just blocks away from your temporary home at Signature Suites by Shadyside Inn. Just because you are away from home doesn’t mean you need to be away from some of the best shopping. Lululemon’s will make you feel comfortable and give you a good reason to hit the gym when you are traveling. Be sure to check out the Kung-Fu pants, they literally make you look thin and sexy. For store hours and more information check out their website.