January 23, 2012 | Posted In Restaurants

Coffee Tree Roasters

is three short blocks away (get directions)

Mmmm…Coffee!!! The second most important thing about traveling in our opinion is access to a steady stream of good coffee. Coffee Tree Roasters is at the top of the list of good places to get your fix. Located in the middle of Walnut Street, Coffee Tree features huge seating capacity with free Wifi and a private suite in the rear to hold meetings. The best part about this location is their front wall which is actually a huge garage door that opens during the warmer weather. Its very popular with a wide range of people and is always a happening spot. The coffee is phenomenal! They have a large selection of drinks and the price is right. Best part is that you can wake up after a refreshing sleep at Signature Suites and stroll down here for your fix. No need to drive. Extended-stay living doesn’t have to be in the middle of nowhere. Signature Suites by Shadyside Inn puts you in a prime location when looking for an extended-stay hotel. Check their website for more information