October 27, 2011 | Posted In Universities

Chatham University

is a 5 minute walk to campus. (get directions)

It would be a disservice to write about Chatham University without first mentioning that it has the most beautiful campus in Pittsburgh.  Legendary alumna Rachel Carson was the founder of the global environmental movement and she has inspired their arboretum campus and rising stature in sustainability studies.  Located in an exclusive area between Shadyside and Squirrel Hill, Chatham University is quickly becoming one of Pittsburgh’s premier higher educational institutions.  Founded in 1896 as a College for Women, Chatham University has undergone a recent renaissance and expanded into a world-class coed Graduate Studies program and a well-respected Continuing and Professional Studies program.  Signature Suites are located a few blocks away, making them an attractive option for graduate students looking for temporary housing or potential students visiting this blossoming university for the first time.