October 14, 2011 | Posted In Stores
A tiny fraction of the line just before the iPhone4S launch.

Apple Store

is a few blocks away. (get directions)

Shadyside’s Walnut Street is home to the only Apple Store inside Pittsburgh city limits. It has the usual chrome shell and blueberry employees filling the interior with a relaxed sort of bustle. The recent passing of Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, has not diminished the ever-growing enthusiasm for this place.

To the contrary, you can count on a steady sprinkle of curious Apple-seedlings entering the store, and a dozen azure employees rotating on and off shift. For guests unattuned to the electronic giant’s latest activities, you can always estimate the imminent release of a new Apple gadget by the length of the line that stretches down Walnut Street.

If you see a conga line populated by design school graduates aggravating Shadyside’s otherwise sedate drivers, expect a new iPhone soon.

A slightly larger fraction of the rain-braving line just before the iPhone4S launch.